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Australian Defence Force Aptitude Testing Preparation

Aptitude tests involve in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) recruitment process vary depending on an applicant’s prospective position. General Entry Officers are typically required to fulfill and pass the YOU aptitude exam while candidates for aviation positions need to pass more advanced psychometric and ability testing.

Aptitude Defence advice you to do preparation and training weeks before your scheduled ADF aptitude exam. Candidates who have been out of the academics for a while are encouraged to dedicate more time for preparation for their psychometric tests. Check out our specialised aptitude preparation courses or kick start your learning journey with our free psychometric test diagnostic.

YOU Aptitude Exam

YOU aptitude exams primarily include ability tests and mathematical exams. These tests aim to evaluate your overall cognitive and mathematical capabilities. Regardless of the position you are applying for, you need to undergo through the ADF You exams. For aviation and pilot careers, further ADF aptitude exams are to be administered after passing the YOU exam.

The outcome of YOU aptitude exams will determine your skill sets and abilities to which are then match to jobs available in the Australian Defense Force. Preparation is very essential for you to get the job you wanted. In some cases, a candidate may not obtain a score range enough to place him into his prospective occupation but the ADF may find suitable employment of other form.

Not every candidate who joins the Australian Defence Forcemakes it through. Often, failure on psychometric testing is the reason. A candidate is also likely to fail the recruitment process if arrives late on the exam, fails on eye test, weighs outside the required BMI and height or if the career counselor deems that the individual is unsuitable for the service.

To help you prepare for ADF’s psychometric tests, Defence Aptitude created straight-forward, logical and result-oriented programs so you can ace the job you are rooting for.

General Entry Positions and ADF YOU Aptitude Tests

General entry positions often coverYOU exams including ability and mathematical aptitude tests which are given to applicants on a limited time frame. Test sets have multiple answers options and questions can vary from easy to complex.

YOU aptitude testscan be taken only once a year; hence, you have to pass it otherwise you have to wait another year for a second chance. Defence Aptitude courses and one-on-one online training programs are designed to prepare candidates for these YOU aptitude tests. We've helped thousands of clients in the past and the numbers continue to grow.

ADF General Ability Testing

General Ability Test involves arithmetic, numerical, grammar, verbal reasoning, analogy and abstract reasoning tests. Questions are presented with multiple answers to choose from and only one answer is correct. Applicants need pencils, eraser and writing paper during the exam but calculator is not allowed.

In the numerical section of the test, you will solve different problems which will involve basic operations like subtraction, multiplication, division and addition. Verbal reasoning will test your ability when it comes to vocabulary and language skills while the analogy part will determine your analysis capabilities. The abstract reasoning part will require you to logically distinguish sets of problems, often presentedshapes and lines.

Defence Aptitude comprehensive training courses cover topics involved during a real-time ADF aptitude test to maximize your chances of getting the job. Defence Aptitude tutors have background on physics, mathematics and are experienced trainers of many successful students.

ADF Mathematical Ability Test

The Mathematical Ability Test during an aptitude testing in the Australian Defence Force includes a range of questions from straightforward, to tricky and very difficult ones.Calculators are not allowed so thorough mathematical practices would be necessary more specifically if you had been out of the academic arena for a while.

Basics like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and decimals are found in a mathematical aptitude test. More advanced mathematical formulas such as calculating triangles (tan, cos, sin, etc.) or circles (arcs, arc seconds, chords, areas, diameter, etc.) are also involved. Expect trigonometry, geometry, exponential equations and indices too.

Defence Aptitude one-on-one training aims to help candidates brush up their Math skills and general calculation abilities. Our expert aptitude trainers have helped thousands of ADF candidates succeed on their application.

Note that although the General Ability Test and Mathematical Ability are the two standard psychometric exams involve in ADF aptitude tests, a few other examinations may be conducted, depending on the position you applied for. Defence Aptitude will help you prepare for all these tests:

Pilot Specific Test

Australian Defence Force applicants who are looking to become an aviation officer must pass the Pilot Specific Tests. Individuals who are applying as an Air Force combat officer or Naval Flight Officer are also required toaccomplish this test. Candidates for RAN Observers, Australian Loadmaster, flight and air traffic controllers must also comply the Pilot Specific Test.

On this field, the Australian Defence Force is looking to evaluate your academic results, team experience, as well as your aviation and military motivations. Each year, only 130 candidates are selected to byADF to be trainee pilots and there's a significant number (about 90%) of candidates who tend to fail the Pilot Specific Test. This is why preparation to this specific test is very essential. Candidates who have higher test result will proceed to the flight screening. At the end of the flight screening, you are required to attend Officer Selection Board.

Air Combat Officers play the most vital role in Australian Defence Force's tactical operation. In the field, you have to execute real time commands, control decisions and use advanced aviation electronic system. With this, you can expect a whole new level of aptitude tests. The aptitude training process will involve testing on your 3D skills, your speed as well as fastness and accuracy when it comes to interpreting data.

Defence Aptitude designed OSB and Pilot Aviation courses specifically for candidates who are looking into getting to the aviation field.Our courses involve calculations on fuel consumption, speed, time and distance. You will also learn about aviation equipment and strategies to impress the interviewers during your recruitment. These courses also cover the psychometric training specifically for joining Australian Defense Force aviation sector.

Aptitude Test Preparation for Air Traffic Controllers

Australian Defence Force air traffic controllers are currently serving Sudan and the Middle East. The aptitude test for air traffic controllers involves flight-planning subjects, mental math and speed and calculation accuracy. The first part of the exam involves aviation intercept scenarios, flight planning, fuel flows, approximation methods,conversions using ratios and percentages and simplifying time, speed and distance calculation.A general test for air traffic controller candidates can also include instrument reading, aeronautical trigonometry, memory test and multitasking tests.

Defence Aptitude has designed various courses specifically for ADF aviation candidates. We prepare advanced materials presented in common scenariossomewhat identical as the ones you will encounter during your aptitude exam. We also have experienced tutors who can do one-on-one online tutoring for a more up-close preparation. As aptitude testing for aviation candidates are significantly default compares to general officer ADF aptitude test, we recommend a 4-8 weeks study preparation.

Language Aptitude Preparation

Language Aptitude Test is for candidates looking to get a linguistic role in the Australian Defence Force. Suchroles in the ADF require you to understand military technical jargons, cryptic messages and interpret data. Oftentimes, you will be assigned to highly confidential missions and language proficiency plays a very crucial role for the job.

Defence Aptitude's language aptitude course covers memory training for your rapid language fluency, comprehensive grammar questions, practice questions and test examples. There are also assessments and graded quizzes. You can also opt for a one-on-one language training with one of our experienced tutors. Get started with a free psychometric assessment so we can evaluate the right language course for you.

Mechanical Reasoning Test

If you dream of a mechanical job in the Australian Defence Force, then you must pass the mechanical aptitude exam. Mechanical aptitude testing is often given to technical and engineering candidates. Generally, it measures your capability to understand concepts and principles applied in the mechanical field. Questions may also involve about mechanical tools, equipment and how to logically operate them. A spatial visualization test may be followed after an ADF mechanical exam.

Defence Aptitude's mechanical aptitude courses involve scenarios and situations somewhat similar to those during an aptitude test in the ADF. We developed these courses to train your mind to correctly response to situations, solve problem and recognize patterns. Be more prepare for your ADF aptitude test by preparing now. Get started with a free psychometric evaluation. After that, our expert trainers will evaluate your psychometric capabilities and get you to effective aptitude preparation.

Your Bottom Line

Whatever position you may be applying for in the Australian Defence Force, an aptitude preparation could be a long process for you.If you really want to get the job, then timely preparation is the key. We recommend you start training weeks before the schedule ADF psychometric or aptitude exam.

Although if you happen to fail, you can generally retake the tests months later, you don’t want to take chances. The aptitude tests involved are to evaluate applicants who are prepared and motivated enough to be put on the field - and of course, you want to be that appealing candidate. Let Defence Aptitude help you maximize your scores and hiring potential.

Why Prepare and What Awaits You

Generally, if you fail on your aptitude tests, you may have to wait for months to be able to get another chance; hence, preparation is a necessity if you really want to get into the ADF the first time you try any ADF psychometric tests. If you have been out of the academic arena for a while, you need time and help to brush up your Math, language and analytical skills. Mathematics, more specifically for advanced ADF positions, can be the hardest part of the aptitude tests.

A career in the Australian Defense Force offers challenging yet worthwhile opportunities to serve the country and of course, there is the job security. The Australian Defence Force is known to offer the best trainings. There's so much that you can learn here that will help you not only while you are serving but also as an individual.

Train with the Best

While ADF aptitude testing can be quiet overwhelming, there’s no need fret. Preparation is the key and that is why Defence Aptitude created various psychometric and aptitude courses specifically for individuals looking to get into the Australian Defence Force. We have helped trained thousands of candidates in the past to prepare them for their ADF aptitude tests. Our courses’ materials are developed according to an applicant’s prospective position in the ADF. We help you achieve the best outcomes for your psychometric testing so you can get that job you want.

Defence Aptitude’s reliability when it comes to quality training is backed by testimonials from previous ADF applicants who now have their dream jobs. We offer one-on-one training for a more personalized approach and higher efficacy. The end-benefit for our clients is more knowledge and the confidence that you are going to get the ADF job you desired.You can take our Free Diagnostic Test to measure your current abilities and then we will provide you feedback. Enter our Learn Now, Pay Later program to get started with your ADF aptitude training right away.



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