Due to great demand Defence Aptitude now offers tutoring to all students to help you achieve your best result. Our tutors will assist you to understand the most complex problems. We are able to provide tutoring to anyone, anywhere in Australia. In addition we also tutor applicants who are interested in Fire, Police and other Government services testing in the area of testing and advanced mathematics.


WE deliver the tutoring through free downloadable voice chat and virtual backboard software. You are able to ask questions just like having a tutor being in your physical location and get classroom style teaching through a virtual whiteboard.


Tutor Benefits


- Be able to gain additional assistance with our course when you need it by a tutor who is already with the content.

- You don't have to spend extra finances on driving to and from a tutoring centre.

- Learn from the comfort of your own home.

- Unlock your full learning potential.

- Bachelor qualified tutor.


Booking a session

The sessions can be booked when you enrol into the course online. Simply call us to make the booking. Bookings can be booked in 3-hour packages. You may choose to have two 1.5 hour sessions or single 3 hour session.


Booking fees

You need not pay excessive tutoring fees of $50 per hour, we only change $39.95 per hour for tuition. Check out our specials below and package deals on our enrolment page.

Current special

Standalone tutoring (All price include GST):

-1 hour - $39.95

-3 hours - $104.95 (save $14.90)

-5 hours - $149.95 (save $49.80)


Course and tutoring packages (All price include GST):

- ADF YOU Session Officer course + 5 hours of tutoring - $269.95 (save $290) - ON PROMO. Get 5 hours MORE for FREE


- ADF YOU Session Officer course + 3 hours of tutoring - $238


- ADF YOU Session General entry course + 5 hours of tutoring - $249.95 (save $69.75)


- ADF YOU Session General entry course + 3 hours of tutoring - $206.95 (save $32.85)


You may choose to pay these packages in installments for as low as $49.99 per week and still gain instant access. Simply call us for details!

Money back guarantee

Our tutoring services come with a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied after 1 hour of tutoring we will completely refund 100% of your tutoring costs.


Meet the tutors


Emmanuel Monterola, Msc (Master of Science - Physics)

Defence Aptitude Expert Trainer

Emmanuel Monterola is an academically impressive individual. He is a prodigy in the area of Mathematics and Physics gaining his Bachelor of Science in Physics in 2011.Graduating as Cum Laude he quickly went on to pursue his Master of Science majoring in Physics in 2011

Emmanuel has devoted himself to the field od Mathematics, Physics and science by teaching others as both an assistant lecturer and as a private tutor. Emmanuel possesses extensive experience in explaining highly complex and technical concepts to others interested in the subjects.

Emmanuel regularly visits Seminars, Workshop and Professional conferences in his field. He is also an occasional lecturer  speaking upon his technical publications in the area of Physics. Emmanuel has a real and sincere passion for teaching others and assisting those who are interested to learn. There are very few as qualified and experienced to provide you with a solid understanding of mathematical and technical principles than Emmanuel Monterola


Mr Gilbert Porolan, Msc (Master of Science - Physics)

Defence Aptitude Expert Trainer

Gilbert Porolan is at the top level of his field in Physics and Mathematics. Gilbert Porolan has graduated with a Master of Science(Physics) in 2015 and a Bachelor of Science(Physics). Gilbert is an assistant lecturer and possesses extensive experience in explaining highly complex and technical concepts to others interested in the subjects.

Gilbert also regularly visits seminars, workshop and professional conferences in his field. Gilbert has attended conferences and seminars abroad in Japan, India and Vietnam. He is also an occasional lecturer speaking upon his technical publications in the area of Physics with both national and international publications.

Mr Porolan has displayed his keen favour for academic excellence by completing a Master degree in physics. He is a skilled mathematician and learned individual of his field. Gilbert has been able to train many student to success. His unique and efficient teaching methods and experience will help you to understand event the most complex principles. You could not easily find another more qualified expert trainer such as Gilbert Porolan to give you your best chance of succcess.

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