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If you are an applicant of the Australian Defence Force, you will have to go through multiple aptitude and psychometric tests as part of the recruitment process. The applicant is commonly notified about their exam schedule weeks before the aptitude testing day. This gives you the time to prepare and get ready for your tests.


Expect a number of cognitive, behavioral, skills and mathematical tests during the aptitude exam. The test results will demonstrate your capacity as an applicant of the ADF. It’s important to get high scores on these exams as your scores will determine your qualification for the position you applied for. When an applicant does not reach a score enough for him or her to fit in to the prospective position, he or she might be redirected to another job opportunity.


The worst case scenario is when an applicant fails on the aptitude tests. When this happens, the applicant will to wait another year to do the tests again for re-application. You will only have two chances to get these psychometric tests; hence, preparation is a must.  Take it from the point of view of what to expect during an ADF aptitude exam . 



Answering the Medical History Questionnaire


A Medical History Questionnaire (MHQ) is likely to be given at the beginning of the Your Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) aptitude exams.  Consult your doctor to clear any medical history. You may be required to bring your medical reports and images during your YOU exam.


Good health is a peak advantage for your ADF application. As a part of the recruitment process, medical and dental fitness are essential. There will be medical checkups. Dental treatments are compulsory free of charge for members of the ADF.


Instructions and test administration


The ADF test instructor will give you instruction of the do’s and don’ts during your exam. You will be given pen and paper to write on. Listen carefully as failure to comply the instruction may result to permanent disqualification.



General and Mathematical ability tests


General Ability Test may involve arithmetic, numerical, grammar and abstract questions while the Math part of the ADF aptitude tests may cover trigonometry, algebra and geometry. Basic arithmetic like addition, multiplication, division, subtraction and fraction are also in an ADF aptitude test. Applicants are not allowed to bring calculator and can only answer each questions once. Preparation is a must most specifically for individuals who hadn’t been in the academic arena for a while.

Additional and more advanced tests are likely required for applicants who want to join as ADF aviation or pilot officers.



Prepare Before Your ADF Aptitude Tests

Preparation is essential weeks prior to your ADF aptitude or psychometric testing if you want to get that specific job you are applying for. Better yet, the best way to prepare is through aptitude training with trustworthy Australian trainers like Defence Aptitude. 


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