Australia Defence Force Pilot Aptitude Test

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The Pilot Selection Process for joining the Australian Defence Force presents a big challenge for aspiring ADF applicants. There are various job positions to apply for at the Defence Force including: GSO pilot, aviation corps officer, aerospace engineer, life support fitter, ground crew mission support, aircraft dispatcher and technician.


Your role as a pilot rolls out everything far than the usual job so be prepared enough to get selected. There will be series of aptitude tests to measure your spatial awareness, your ability to perform cognitive works (manually or automatically) and your skills when it comes to stressful situations where you have to think and act quickly. You will also be tested if you are suitable for the pilot training. Your skills to process data are also tested. You should be able to demonstrate common sense.



During an ADF psychometric test for aviation officer, personal attributes are also to be measured and so are the prospective pilot’s attributes for training.



There are also physical requirements which need to be accomplished. Applicants must weigh between 55-100kg and acceptable BMI range is 18.5 to 29.9. Applicants must stand at least 163cm to 193 cm max with sitting height of 100cm max. These requirements are necessary for the applicant to fit in with the ADF aviation equipment such as seats ergonomics and parachutes.



According to the ADF, prior flying experience in civilian environment is not really much of an advantage as a military pilot aviation job has very different flying environment. Although during the training, applicants are expected to progress.  All successful ADF applicants will fly on same syllabus regardless if they had flying experience or not.



You will be thoroughly evaluated at the Australian Defence Force Basic Flying Training School in Tamworth, NSW. The Pilot Selection Process is done after the recruitment to evaluate an applicant's suitability for airborne environment.



Aptitude Testing for Aviation Applicants


You will have to undergo the basic YOU aptitude exam in the ADF. An aviation or pilot position in the Australian Defence Force demands you to meet a certain score during the aptitude or psychometric testing in order to get to the next level of the recruitment procedure. Failure to pass this score may lead you to be redirected to another job opening in the ADF. So if you really want to get into the aviation or pilot job, preparation for the aptitude testing is a must.  You can go with aptitude training from Defence Aptitude to maximize your chances of being hired.



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