Your Complete Guide to Joining the ADF

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So you are looking forward to join the Australian Defence Force. Congratulations! That’s a fulfilling career to look forward but there are daunting obstacles to be prepared from for you to succeed on your application.



ADF Aptitude Test


In order to see if the applicant fits for service, an aptitude exam and psychometric tests are to be conducted to evaluation his cognitive, behavioral and numerical skills. These aptitude and psychometric tests will then demonstrate which job in the service does the applicant fits the most.


Although an applicant can choose the position he applies for in the ADF, the score in his aptitude exams will determine his qualification. Otherwise, if he fails to nail a score high enough for that specific position, he may be redirected to another job opening. This is why preparation is necessary for those who are looking to get into a specific ADF position as the aptitude test plays a huge role for the career. With this, aptitude training is recommended.



Body routines


Things change when you join the service. You need to be physically fit if you want to pass the entire recruitment process. This being said means that you need to get your body ready for whatever obstacles may be thrown at you during your training.


Discipline is the key here so from now on, better outline a good habit to shape you up ready for the job. Those bad habits you may have - - smoking, drinking, or junk foods - - they are so out of your league when you get to a place where training is the only thing they offer to you. From now forward, splurge yourself into preparation.





If you were to do physical fitness routines only when you get in the defence force, the trainings are going to be uphill battles.  Fitness is mandatory for you to gain entry at the ADF as you need to pass the Pre-entry Fitness Assessment. So beforehand, become an active person. Do walks, runs or play competitive sports. Create your own fitness plan and set goals.



Prep Your Brain


Set this motivation by default: you are going to make it through. No matter how hard the training could be, have that little voice in your head as a mantra. Tell yourself that you are built for this. 


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