Psychometric and Aptitude Tests for Joining ADF Logistics

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Getting into the Australian Defence Force as a logistic officer? You’ve made a good decision. Cheers to a rewarding career and a chance to serve the nation. With this, you have to get yourself ready for the processes along your application. That involves your aptitude and psychometric exams.


The Australian Defence Force (ADF) requires logistic officer applicants to complete multiple aptitude tests. These ADF psychometric exams will determine your qualities and if you match toward this specific position in the service.


A logistic office is responsible for the ADF's valuable equipment vital to operation. Your job could involve acquisition and sustainment of equipment. Duties are performed all over the country, overseas and headquarter posts; hence, your roles are very diverse. The tasks are challenging and at times, you may find yourself supervising and managing airmen and women.


Tasks could be extraordinarily broad. It simply means that the career you are to take can be quiet exciting and challenging at the same time.



Be prepared. Get hired.


Preparation for an ADF aptitude test is essential if you want to get into the service as a logistic officer. Prepare with the best. Defence Aptitude have specialised aptitude training specifically created for logistic officer applicants. Defence Aptitude had helped thousands of ADF applicants prepare for their psychometric and aptitude exams.


Psychometric testing is done to everyone who joins the Australian Defence Force, regardless of the position they are applying for. An applicant must go through the YOU exam where his or her general cognitive and mathematical abilities are measured.



Training is not just a walk in the park


It never is for anyone who joined any field in the ADF. Your training days are made up of discipline, obstacles and challenges that will mold you into a person that fits to serve the country. Most of these trainings involved your physical and mental strengths; hence, preparation is a must long before you even submit an application.


Develop a physical fitness habit that you’ll maintain until the day of your application so that if you get into the training stage, you’re physically prepared. Hard times are “normal” times while being a trainee but that is just a part of the process. In the end, a worthwhile career awaits for you.


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