How to Join the Australian Defence Force

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The Australian Defence Force offers promising and exciting careers for qualified citizens who want to serve the nation. Jobs available in ADF include logistics, aviation, combat engineer, general entry officer, among others. Although the recruitment process can be a bit lengthy, it is not complicated and it’s easy to kick start your application. Registration can be done online or via phone.


The basic requirements are simple. You must be an Australian citizen and must be able to present citizenship documents like birth certificate, passport and citizenship certificate. Several medical tests are also to be conducted to see if you are physical fit for the service. Being in the defence force calls for physical demands so prior to your application, we recommend you maintain the peak of your health.  You can join the Australian Defence at the age of 17 with guardian or parent consent.. 


The next stage is to attend the Your Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) session at the defence force recruitment center. Your schedule will be given to you weeks prior to the exam date so there’ll be enough time for preparation. On the YOU exam, applicants are given sets of psychometric tests such as General Ability Test and Mathematical Ability Test. Both exams are designed to evaluate if the applicant suits for the service.


Since the YOU exam is the first basis of the application, it plays a big role to qualify for the Australian Defence Force. With this, we advise to prepare and brush up their cognitive and mathematical skills. Questions during these aptitude tests range from easy to difficult and sometimes tricky. If you have been out of school for a while, it’s most important that you do some aptitude training to prepare yourself.  Get started your aptitude training and maximize your hiring potential with the help of Defence Aptitude.


Third stage of the ADF recruitment process is the assessment day where you will have to undergo to medical assessment, psychological interview and a Defence interview. Fourth stage will consist of activities design to test your leadership skills, team work and cognitive capabilities.


The last step is a big cheers to your official ADF job offer. Your Enlistment Coordinator will organize your appointment day. You've made it! Those will be the days to celebrate a worthwhile career in the Australian Defence Force.


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