Simple Guide to Joining the ADF

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Thinking of Joining the ADF? You are about to embark on the most biggest journey of your life. Perhaps you don't think it would be a long journey. Maybe you’re planning for it to be a short journey. However sooner than you know it after a few trips and a few years of being in the ADF you may well find yourself a section commander a SGT or an Officer leading those who had the same dreams and aspirations as yourself many years ago. Here is the Defence Aptitudesunofficial guide to starting off your career in one of Australia's best employers, the ADF.


1. Why.
Why are you doing this? Think about this long and hard. Think of the ramifications and the consequences of joining the ADF. The ADF may well be THE most stressful and unique job role that Australian jobs have to offer. You may be thousands of metres under the sea in a sub, far away from your loved ones or far away from Facebook. You may be going on exercise a few weeks or months in a year on big military exercises and not see your loved ones for quite some time. Maybe you want to follow in your parents or families footsteps. Your "Why" must be stronger than the obstacles that you face. Your why will give you the drive to become physically fit, to study hard to pass your ADF aptitude test and push you to have the resilience to get through the recruitment process.


2. Be Prepared.
Be prepared, be VERY prepared. It is better to over prepare for this journey than to under prepare. Nothing can stand in front of you, if you have prepared to overcome it. Physical tests, Aptitude tests, Interviews and Selection boards. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Ask that of the many thousands who donot succeed to gain their chosen job roles when going through the aptitude testing. Be physically fit. Go to your local park, run laps of the oval. Too overweight to do a lap? Do half a lap. Next time, do 1 lap. Next time do 1 more. You get the picture. If your "Why" is strong. Going to your local park and doing some laps and putting yourself on the pain train won't be a sweat. 


You will have to do pre-enlistment fitness tests. Why go in there without being able to pass? You will have to complete rigorous aptitude testing. Why go in there without practicing. Remember to apply a metric to your training. Be able to measure your process and know where you want to get to. Defence aptitude helps you to understand the specific requirements and where you have to be for your testing to get your chosen role.
You can also check your chosen service fitness tests and week by week improve gradually until you reach the standards. You will also be doing interviews. Practice the interviews and check out some of the questions you will be asked. You will need to understand that the service is unique and questions such as. "How do you feel about taking another persons life during battle" Is something you may be asked. Think you can wing that sort of thing and go with the flow?


Only a dead fish goes with the flow. To achieve this, you will need to go against the flow.


3. There is nothing to fear but fear itself.
If you have done 1. and 2. If you have a strong "why" and you are prepared. You have nothing to fear. Because your preparedness, your drive, and yourunderstanding of your goals and where you want to be is within your grasp. A small amount of nervousness is natural. It is even productive. It keeps you sharp and aware of the gravity of your actions and what you are doing. Overconfidenceand a big ego is extremely counter productive. Watch those people with big ego's, smiling who told you they just googled the aptitude test and done some math’s the previous night. Watch their overconfidence and ego after the recruitment advisor tells them to go back to their day jobs and enjoy the rat race. When you go to do your ADF Aptitude test, you would have prepared. In addition to that you know your metric. You know your goal. What you specifically have to achieve. When you have to go do for enlistment fitness test. You're prepared. You know what you specifically have to achieve and you've practices specifically what you have to achieve on the day. You've practices your interview skills. You know what you’re going to say. Who can stop you? The only person who can truly stop you is yourself.


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