ADF Jobs in focus: Information Systems Technician

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ADF Jobs in focus: Information Systems Technician


Out there is a competitive market of graduates, experienced individuals and techsavvy geeks pining for a great position in the IT world. It may very well be your position. Such is the competitive world of I.T. But what if there was another playing field? A field with no short term projects. Stable and secure in comparison. On the job training in which YOU are paid for and not the other way around. This couldvery well be an IT graduates or newcomers dream.


It's a government job, in none other than The Australian Defence Force. All services Navy, Army and Airforce have IT positions in which at many times are begging to fill. Begging to pay, train and employ those who are willing to take a position in the desirable field of IT. With most armies around the world now even expanding into specialty IT disciplines such as cyber warfare. The ADF has also alluded to in its 2013 whitepaper having a higher stake in cyber operations. More meat for the grinder? Err, No not in that sense, more geeks for the command centre.


For the most part you would still be required to partake in a military style lifestyle, which is not always suited for everyone, although there would be obvious benefits to this. Being physically fit would be a breeze with having your own highly trained physical training instructors keeping you fit and at your peak compared to your civilian peers sitting at the computer help desk the whole day on a dietary fuel of red bull and snickers bars. Getting onto a firing range instead of getting out of bed to deal with irate clients could be a much better exchange.


There are definitely benefits there worth mentioning. Up to $70,000 per year salary at the lowest rank of SIG (signalman) in IT after completing Initial EmploymentTraining and basic promotional courses. The ability to do additional tertiary studies through the Defence assisted study scheme which could pay for all if not most of your studies in IT including days off for study purposes is almost unparalleled in the private sector. Plus the free medical, heavily subsidised housing and accommodation are all some noteworthy perks.


As there are many disciplines in the field of IT, It's interesting to know that the primary job role in IT defence is predominantly network engineering and system administration. The ability to quickly deploy both small and large computer networks in a field or deployable environment is at the core of the job.


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All members’ receive training in IT Network engineering Cisco CCNA and also Microsoft Server based training and will graduate as Information Systemstechnicians.


This is top level training that usually costs thousands of dollars as a civilian to obtain. During your initial training you can expect to be trained as a CCENT Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician. You will then complete CCNA training after initial training to the level CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate).


There are many other IT software’s and technologies you will be trained on. This is all invaluable experience to gain for anyone wanting to get their foot into the field of IT in a big way.


You will also receive the most important thing. Experience. Even if you have a university degree or if you have relevant IT training. Employers will always ask about your experience. With a return of service obligation of 6 years. This guarantees you to gain 6 years of experience in IT. By that time, you would also have possibly attained a leadership role in IT. This means you are also able to add IT Manager to your already extensive resume of IT training and job experiences.


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Getting there could be the hardest part. Not really. Think you'll be competing against others with degrees, experience, and all certified? Of course, with one twist. None of that matters. It's a completely level playing field.


The recruitment process is completely open and everyone must sit and pass the same aptitude and psychometric tests regardless of their educational or background experience. Your competitor could have a double degree in IT and score lower than you and it would be YOU who progresses and not them. Many people are able to drastically improve their scoring by undertaking some preparation.


An industry leading provider with a heap of positive reviews and high ratings is Defence Aptitude. Offering specialist courses and face to face online training in conjunction with all preparation courses would help you to be a top scoring candidate with a better chance to be an IT professional in Defence.


The testing can be fairly comprehensive with both a psychometric aptitude test (General ability test) and a mathematical ability assessment. Many of the questions can be somewhat difficult if you haven’t been at high school or studied for quite some time.


In addition to this, applicants will be required to meet a very basic standard of fitness depending on their age and gender. Being able to do over 7.5 in a beep test is a must and you must be able to do 15 pushups and 45 sit-ups at most.


Preparing for your fitness beforehand will be a great advantage as if you do well in your testing you could be fast tracked to enlistment if intakes are available. If not you can always get a fitness trainer or do fitness on your own to have a much smoother process.


After passing your YOU's Session interviews and ADF aptitude testing you could be on your way onto your basic training and a new and exciting career in IT within 1-3 months depending on current intakes.


If you do find yourself tired of being knocked back from IT roles for various reasons or if climbing the corporate ladder and competing against peers isn't for you. Or if going from project to project adds to unneeded stress. Being an IT professional in the defence may be exactly what you’re looking for.



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