Meet our Ex ADF Recruitment Advisor


Aaron  (Ex Army Full time - Honors inc. Australian Soldiers Medallion)

Defence Aptitude Ex ADF Recruitment Advisor.

Aaron has served in the ADF as a full time service member for a number of years. He is the recipient of the Australian Soldiers Medallion for exemplary service and is only awarded on extreme rare occasion. This coveted medal is given to only a few select soldiers for outstanding service to the country.

We are proud to have Aaron as our Ex ADF Recruitment Advisor. Even after service life, Aaron heads a charity founded to taking care of Wounded Soldiers and their families. We can think of no one better who advocates both for soldiers currently serving and ex serving to be a key guide and advisor to your success. Aaron is ready to mentor you and assist you throughout your recruitment and answer questions along your journey.

Ex Defence Advisor Benefits



- Be able to gain additional understanding of the Defence Forces recruitment process.

- Ask questions to a real Ex serving Defence Member.

- Maximise your chances of success by knowing how to best prepare for your enlistment.

- Joining the ADF is a BIG STEP. Have someone there to support you and give you friendly advice and assistance when you need it most.


Booking a session

The sessions can be booked when you enrol into the course online. Simply call us to make the booking. The packages involve 30 minutes of guidance and expert advice.

You can either request:
1 x 30 minute session.
1 x 20 minute session. 1 x 10 minute session Closer to your YOU's test to provide additional support.

We recommend having an Initial 20 minute "Advice and Q and A" session with the Recruitment Advisor to talk about what you would like to achieve and if you had any recruitment related questions to ask. In additional having a session closer to your YOU's date to give you any final preparation tips and give you extra support to really do your best.


Booking fees

The Recruitment Advisor service is offered within our very affordable packages.

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