1. How long do I have to complete the course?

You have a maximum of three months to complete the course from the enrolment date.

2. Do I receive a formal recognized qualification from completing this course?

No, you will not gain a recognized qualification from completing this course.


3. Is studying assistance provided if i encounter any problems?


Yes, we are able to assist you in any questions you have relating to our course via e-mail, live chat and phone.

4. What are the methods of payment?


We accept all major credit cards through paypal online. We accept all major credit cards over the phone with the exception of amex. We also accept bank transfers for manual enrolments noting this takes two days to be finalised.

5. I would like to know more about the benefits of being in the ADF, how can i find out?

You can visit the Defence Jobs website to find out more.


6. Why should i pay $99.95 to complete your course when I can buy an aptitude testing book for 20$?

Because we specialize in this test. You can buy 20 aptitude testing books and they will not have the explanations and content of our course. Each module in our course has 3 quizzes, with the Officer Course there are over 35 electronic tests. Our course is the best value for content and tests hands down. Our research shows even the mock tests and test preparation offered by other providers actually don't contain the question types in the aptitude test.

7. Why do you place so much emphasis on this test?


If you do not score high enough on the general aptitude test you simply cannot be employed in the role you seek employment in. Furthermore; you must wait 6 months before taking the test again. You may take the test a maximum of three times.


8. My mate said the aptitude test is "easy as" why should I spend good dollars on your test preparation.


Your mate could have tested very poorly. You are not actually told how well you performed on the test. An applicant is given a list of jobs and told it is the available positions to that applicant. Those positions are directly related to the aptitude score not the actual available vacancies in the ADF.

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