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Adam C | Submitted 11 Mar 2016
Verified Customer

“Initially, I was unsure about whether investing in this training course was necessary but since I was aiming to apply to the ADF as a pilot I figured the more prepared I was the better off I would be. And the defence aptitude course certainly prepared me well. I was able to develop rapid calculation skills (useful in everyday life also) and identify my weaknesses so that I didn't get bogged down by them during the actual test. This preparation paid off very well on testing day, I completed both the general and mathematic skills test within the timeframe and was informed that I scored highly enough to apply for a pilot position (or pretty much any other job in the ADF) as a result. I am confident that the skills developed and the practice tests provided by Defence Aptitude made all the difference in squeezing out the score that I was aiming for.”

Camilla | Submitted 17 Apr 2016
Verified Customer

“I have found the staff behind Defence Aptitude to be professional and fast at corresponding. The process to get started was so easy and again very prompt. Once I had access to the course I could see without a doubt that it was going to help me achieve my goals and beyond in a fool proof manor. Congratulations on providing a fabulous course to help us better prepare!”

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