ADF YOU's session Testing day


The YOU's session testing day is one of the greatest opportunities for all candidates regardless of background. Everyone has the same opportunities when walking into the recruitment testing centre. Everyone must pass the same tests. It doesn’t matter if you have a Ivy league college education or if you are from a state school. What matters is how you perform in the Defence Forces Aptitude test.

The initial ADF aptitude test is the most important test you will sit in your military career. You will be graded upon your performance and allocated jobs based on how well you performed. The more higher paying roles, technical roles and leadership roles will generally command a higher score be achieved on the aptitude test.

It is ALWAYS in the candidates best interests to be adequately prepared for the aptitude test.

At the Your Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) session of your local Defence Force Recruiting Centre you will:

  • • Complete a medical questionnaire.
  • • Take an aptitude test and Mathematical general ability test.
  • • Talk to a Careers Counsellor about your job preference(s) depending on your performance.
The most desirable outcome is to be able to pass the test and be able to obtain your dream job. However the process is not that simple. Imagine the test being your key to your chosen career. The score you need to obtain will depend on the job role you are going after. Should you be wanting to be an officer or pilot you would need to score very high to unlock the “door” to your chosen career.

Sometimes candidates take the test to see what jobs they can be offered. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this at all. The same logic applies. The initial test is your key. If you perform well on it, not only will you unlock the door to a chosen career path; you may in fact open a wide range of additional doors unlocking roles you never thought were available to you.

Such is the power and importance of finding the right preparation provider and experts to assist you on your journey.

Preparation is the key to success


You can either go into this unprepared and hope for the best, or you can talk to the experts, train with the experts and choose a training partner that has put countless people in the positions they dreamed of. We hope your choice will be simple and you'll contact us when you are ready to gain your best possible score and achieve your dream of serving this great nation.


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