Refund Policy and Money Back Guarantee Terms and Conditions.

Site Refund Policy.

1. We offer a FULL money back guarantee on our courses and tutoring within 24 hours of enrolment and course first access.

2. The courses and the tutoring have separate conditions for money back guarantee.

3. You must fully read and understand and comply with all terms to gain a refund if you are eligible to do so.

4. We maintain the right to change these terms where practical and reserve the discretionary right to refuse money back in special circumstances to deter abuse of these terms. We also do not offer refunds after the 24 hour period if you change your mind about joining the ADF or if you are not eligible to join due to reasons other than not passing the ADF YOU’s test.

5. The tutoring is refunded according to the tutoring money back guarantee:
   a). You must use at least 1 hour of tutoring.
   b.) If after 1 hour of tutoring you are not satisfied you can have your total tutoring amount refunded in full.
   c.) If you have purchased a package deal combined with tutoring, you will be refunded the amount of tutoring less the advertised course price.
   d.) If you choose not to use the tutoring you may not request a refund. You may however use this service at a later time.

Refund and money back guarantee for failing YOU’s test.

1. We also offer a money back guarantee on our courses should you not pass the YOU’s Session.

2. To ensure your utmost chance of success this guarantee has the following conditions:

a. You will need to purchase a course with at least 5 hours of tutoring.
b. To ensure study has been done in accordance with the course. Within 7 days of completing your YOU’s session test you must complete our simulated YOU’s final test and get a score of 90% or above.
c. If you attend your YOU’s session and should you not get the job role you are after Simply email us your job unlock form and we will begin the refund process.
d. We will refund you the course amount of your package. OR we will grant course extension and provide you additional training and tutoring to assist you further to succeed.

No Cost Evaluation Policy

6. We offer a No cost basis agreement on our courses and tutoring within 24 hours of enrolment and course first access.

7. This Enrolment is done through a successful application through our Zip Money credit provider.

8. The customer is required to be approved and approve the applicable course fee amount and must be over the age of 18.

9. If the customer decides to not continue with the service within the 24 Hour period. The customer must write an E-mail to us or contact us in the contact form letting us know they request to discontinue.

10. The credit from Zip Money will then be returned back to ZIP Money and no expense or cost will be incurred to the customer.

11. The Customer must acknowledge to carefully read and understand ZIP Moneys credit terms as ZIP Money is the provider of credit not Defence Aptitude.

13. The customer should be aware that this agreement involves zero interest and a $5 monthly account keeping fee after 30 days.

Direct Debit Installment Plan Policy

14. We also offer an instalment payment agreement.

15. We will initially debit $49.95 and divide all subsequent payments to fortnightly installments for ease of payment.

16. By signing up to the Direct Debit Installment agreement you agree to read and understand the terms provided in the contracts and in correspondence upon signup.

17. You may also cancel this agreement within 24 hours and receive a full refund.

18. You must pay off the initial course amount to commence tutoring.

19. All direct debits are processed and administered through our direct debit provider Debit Success.

20. If you cannot make a payment you must call up Debit Success to arrange an alternative date of payment.


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