Award recipient - Neil S.
was originally hoping to get a role as a storeman, but after enrolling in our course and putting in the extra hours to study he was offered Officer Entry to Royal Military College Duntroon. Neil S. Has been awarded the Defence Aptitude Student of Excellence award for his achievement.

Neil Testimonial


I just thought I'd let you know how my YOU session went. I sat my aptitude test in *place removed* on *date removed*.  There were 30 of us on the day, most of whom were youngsters just out of year 12. I must have done ok on the math tests [additional test] as on my list of job opportunities are all of the technical trades plus officer training.  The WO who conducted my careers interview strongly suggested I continue with my application for entry into Duntroon. I'm sure that without your training course I'd not have achieved anywhere near as high a score on the aptitude test.

Many Thanks,




Award recipient - Kevin M.
Kevin M. had his eyes focused on the goal from day one. His intent was to pass testing to be accepted for the Air Combat Pilot Officer role. After enrolling in our course he studied exceptionally hard and sought only perfection for his testing.  Kevin S. has been awarded the Defence Aptitude Student of Excellence award for his achievement in being accepted for the most highly sought after role in the Defence Forces. Congratulations.

Kevin Testimonial


“I went for my test at the *** recruitment centre. I completed the aptitude test then I was asked to sit another math test. Out of 16 people going to Officer entry that day only four of us progressed to the additional testing. After doing the testing my careers advisor told me I had scored high enough to be accepted for the Air Combat Officer position. Thank you for all of your help and assistance the course has been a great help.”




For many years I have wanted to become a pilot. Unfortunately I never had the money to do it myself and therefore always put it off. It wasn’t until January 2013 when I was fortunate enough to meet a current defence force employee. After many conversations and hearing about the wonderful life you can have in the forces, it occurred to me that I too could join and live out my dream of being a pilot, whilst also serving this great country of ours and gaining a second family. So I did it, I signed up for the YOU Session which was to be held in a months’ time and I knew that for me to become a pilot, I needed to excel at every test they threw at me… and then came the problem. “How can I excel at a test if I have no idea what the test is. How can I excel if I don’t have an opportunity to study and practice???” My savour was found, when I came across Defence Aptitude! This website provided me with all the information I needed, and more, to be able to study and build confidence in my abilities to pass the YOU Session exams. It provided me with useful background information, problem solving techniques and practice tests that are all relevant to the YOU Session And guess what…. I PASSED my exams with high marks which allowed me to be selected for pilot. (Unfortunately, I didn’t pass year 12 which I studied 10 years prior, and because of this I did not meet all the pre-requisite criteria to be able to be accepted as pilot. But that fact remains, I passed with high marks and if I had passed year 12, I could be a pilot right now for the Australian Air Force. I can’t tell you enough how amazing this website is. It really did help me and I urge anyone considering a career in the Defence Force to join this site and I can promise you that you won’t regret it!

Amy D.

Award recipient - Thomas Tran

The crew at Defence Aptitude have been great and I am very grateful for having the opportunity to work with them. The first time I did the YOU session general abilities test I only scored a few jobs in a low category. I took the test again 6 months later after studying the Defence Aptitude educational program and managed to obtain a much better result the second time round. I scored from a low category to a high Band stopping just short of ADFA officer entry. I am very pleased with my results. You guys are amazing and have been very helpful. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who is thinking about joining the Australian Defence Force. '' - Thomas Tran, Sydney NSW.





Dear Defence Aptitude, I sat my YOU session a month ago, and I was just stopping by to say thank you for your service, as I qualified for all positions available in the Army. Without your course I wouldn't have been able to do it. Highly recommended to any other applicants!

Brendan B.


Tutoring Testimonials


I would like to leave a Testimonial in regards to the Tutoring sessions I had received over the last couple of days.

I have found the Tutor to have a good knowledge of all subjects that are covered in the 'Defence Aptitude' package/site.
At all times the tutor was both helpful and patient with his sometimes struggling student.
What I found, really helpful was the different techniques that he demonstrated to solve the many problems on the program/site.
I would strongly advise anyone that are considering enlisting in the Military to undertake this program and the Tutoring to ensure success or at least a better grade then you may have otherwise have received.
Five stars in my book. 
Kevin. R


Hi Defence Aptitude,
This is just a quick email to say thanks for your course. There is always some trepidation when you buy a course such as yours as you think 'will this help?' or 'is it worth it' and when comparing it to the competition 'why is it so cheap?', but alas I found the course excellent. I had my You Session yesterday as I'm looking to join the Army Reserves as an Officer and I gained the required results to achieve that [and incidentally for any position available in the ADF]. Without doubt I wouldn't have achieved the score I did without the practice provided by your course. I haven't been near a school for twenty years and although I did study the 'tough' subjects at school that knowledge had definitely faded over the years - the revision provided by your course however made school feel like last week as a opposed to two decades ago.
Thank you, well done and I'm happy for you to display this feedback on your website should you wish.

Kind regards
T. Davis


My tutor Emman asked me to send a short email on how he did during the tutorial session.
He was extremely helpful and was very comfortable to talk to. I told him what I needed help with and he would suggest what he could do to help. He was extremely thorough and would wait patiently for me to copy things down.
Great session and will definitely recommend the defence aptitude tutoring to people I know.


Shopper Approved Reviews


Adam C

08 Jun 2015

Initially, I was unsure about whether investing in this training course was necessary but since I was aiming to apply to the ADF as a pilot I figured the more prepared I was the better off I would be. And the defence aptitude course certainly prepared me well. I was able to develop rapid calculation skills (useful in everyday life also) and identify my weaknesses so that I didn't get bogged down by them during the actual test. This preparation paid off very well on testing day, I completed both the general and mathematic skills test within the timeframe and was informed that I scored highly enough to apply for a pilot position (or pretty much any other job in the ADF) as a result. I am confident that the skills developed and the practice tests provided by Defence Aptitude made all the difference in squeezing out the score that I was aiming for.


Andrew P

08 Jun 2015

My overall experience was fantastic, they stepped me through the process of registering and answered all questions I had about the course I was interested in. I didn't feel rushed or pressured throughout the whole process and was able to make the best choice and get what I was looking for. I felt that I was fully informed of everything I needed to know throughout my inquiry and registration process. I would say I received some of the best costumer support and service during my experience.



27 May 2015

Initially we were concerned about the speed of the website in relation to using the product once purchased, as the website and description pages were very slow to load on our computer. However, not only did they contact me to try to resolve the issue and follow up, but once purchasing the product, there were no issues in using it, speed of pages loading was normal and of no concern.


Adam C - NSW, Australia

18 May 2015

The staff have provided prompt feedback and follow up phone calls to ensure that I had the information I required and made signing up for the course a simple procedure. I look forward to getting into the course!


Ricky L

16 Jun 2015

Very friendly and knowledgable staff that know all about the Defence Force and their selection process for all jobs. They made me very confident that I will have all the skills and knowledge required for the YOU Session from the course.


Justin C

15 Jun 2015

Exceptional response from customer support. Sheila was very helpful and quickly helped me find what I was looking for. I am looking forward begin my study.


Haroon S

11 Jun 2015

Very Easy


Emmalise S - ACT, Australia

02 May 2015

Really quick and Easy - very satisfied


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